G: Going: Going Going Gone!

Moscato in the U.S. (pretty much sums up springtime)

Au printemps, or spring, 2012: Am I going? Am I? Am I? I renewed my passeport...juste au cas ou, so, maybe I’m going…

Sangria in the U.S. (pretty much sums up summertime).

L’été, or summer, 2012: I got my visa…

juste au cas ou, so, I must be going…

L’automne 2012: I’m on an avion, or airplane……so, I’m definitely going…going…Gone from the U.S.

The Alps from the avion.

My famille, my friends…well, everyone can’t help but demandent: “Where did you go? Why did you go there? What did you do when you arrived?”

At the Marseille-Provence Aéroport in 2012.

Woa… One question at a time, stp (please).

In 2012, I went to Aix-en-Provence (Aix), France.

I traveled with two other students from my université.

In the above photos, we enjoyed our first night out in Aix.  At this point, though, in my travels, I didn’t know them personally, so, I think it’s safe to say that I left the U.S. alone…As in I left everything – friends, boyfriend, job, famille – behind. It was the most indépendante thing I did. To this day, I’m still proud of myself for taking this risque chance to experience another culture!

My housemate and I in front of our université, IAU.

I went to Aix to study French.

Graduation day!

I ended up gaining a lot more knowledge of the French language…

…of France…

Who knew that Batman lived in Aix?

…of French culture…

Aix’s novelty: Le calisson.

…and of myself than I bargained for.

Peddle boating in Les Gorges du Verdon.

…And I wouldn’t have it any other way!


L’hiver, or winter, 2012: I returned to the U.S. with a new perspective on life…

…With new friends to add to the friends I already had in the U.S…

…With the courage to bid a final, ‘Au revoir‘, to a tiring 7-year relationship…

We’re thankful for Skype.

…With a new “boyfriend” (who knew if longue-distance would last)…

Things were so uncertain at this point…

…Oh, and with a new goal: Return to Aix.

Parc de la Torse (Aix).

Fast-forward to Avril, 2013: I returned to Aix.

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my 27th b-day.

But, the celebration only lasted for about a week…at some point, I would have to return to the U.S. to finish my studies.

Fast-forward to Julliet, 2013: I returned again to Aix…Except this time, I went there without a return ticket. (Now, I’m starting to realize why I had not even a penny in my pocket by the end of the summer…)

After about 3 weeks in France visiting mon chéri, I reluctantly returned to the U.S. I had no choix.

L’automne 2013: Mon chéri came to the U.S. to visit me. He stayed for 3 months!

This time, though, I was certain that my ‘calling’ was to move to France. So, I spent that school-year finishing my studies, student teaching, and job searching. Fortunately, I was accepted to teach English in France through the TAPIF programme.

Avril 2014: I returned to Aix for a week to visit mon chéri and to start moving my stuff into our new appartement.

Mai 2014: I unofficially moved to Aix.

Juin 2014: I returned to the U.S. for a week for my dad’s funeral.

Août 2014: I returned to the U.S. to finish up the visa paperwork to make my stay in France more permanent.

Septembre 2014: My move to France became officiel!

Sometimes I wonder if I ever really left Aix in 2012. It’s clear now that when I left the U.S. in 2012, a part of me never really returned. ♦

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24 thoughts on “G: Going: Going Going Gone!

    1. We are PACSed (it’s the French version of a civil union). It’s similar to marriage, but it’s not marriage. I call it: the first step or the “inbetween” step. It allowed us to declare our love legally without spending our savings.


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