I: Interests: Intelligent, Insightful, Incredible!

Interests: Something we all have at least one of…

It’s what prevents us from being constantly bored…

It’s what pushes us to take risques

It’s what encourages us to study abroad…

And to live with an hôtesse.

It’s what sparks us to finish université….

It’s what helps us make friendships that last a lifetime…

It’s what makes us more intelligent

The things we are interested in evolve as we grow; however, sometimes, our interests start when we’re in école primaire and then stay with us for the rest of our lives.

My liste of interests spawns from my childhood: I’ve always been interested in éducation, language (SLA: Second Language Acquisition), culture, travel, fashion, dansemusique, reading. These things have followed me as I moved from the U.S. to France. But, since then, I’ve added to that liste: tennis (I’m terrible, but I have fun!), blogging, mountain climbing (aka hiking).

It can be difficult for expats to hold onto those ancien interests. So, how do we combine our interests with moving abroad? Obviously, that depends on the interest, but for the most part, it involves some research. For exemple, an expat interested in tennis just needs to do some research to discover whether or not there are tennis courts nearby his/her new home.

Some expats go so far as to choose places that already contain the things they’re interested in. Others just let the surprise hit them. I fit both bills. In my cas, I chose the south of France because I was interested in living in a relatively warm climate…and I had already been to Paris, so, I wanted to explore other parts of France. However, I chose France as opposed to other countries because France m’intéresse beaucoup. Through travel and teaching, I’ve discovered that my interests have lead to incredible and insightful outcomes. In fact, I’ve only delved deeper into the things that m’intéresse since living and working in France. I look forward to the rest of la vie to see where my interests take me. ♦

This is part of a blogging challenge: Topics ranging from A-Z. You can follow my challenge by clicking on the links below:

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I: Interests: Intelligent, Insightful, Incredible!

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T: Travel: Time to Hit the Trail!

U: Under the Influence: An Ugly Upward Climb Until Reaching the Summit

V: Vulgarité: Venturing out into the Vast and Voluptuous World of Cultural Différences

W: Walking: The Wise and Watchful Médiéval Wanderer

X: Xenial: A Xenodochial but not Xenophobic Host in France

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