M: Musique: The Many Musicians Making Love on the Streets of Aix

Paris is not the only “city of love” in France. Non, there’s another city – located in the heart of Provence – a city that’s bursting at the seems with love…

Ok, so, it’s not the lovey-dovey l’amour that one finds in Paris, but it’s equally as romantique (musique is romantique)!

All year round, the streets of Aix offer a brewing ground for musiciens. This is especiallly present during La Fête de Musique in Juin.

Some musiciens are better than others; however, I have yet to witness a terrible one. In fact, most are créatif – best witnessed in person.On a simple stroll through the centre-ville, one can expect to see several accordéonistes (duh!)…

…to full groups (fully equipped and selling their latest album).

There’s always at least one accordéoniste on the Cours Mirabeau:

There’s always something cool happening in Aix in regards to musique:

Even children take part in this love of musique!

The musiciens in Aix always have an upside-down top hat or an open guitare case for bystanders to donate un peu d’argent. Honnêtement, most musiciens deserve a few Euros.

So, the next time you stop to admire the woman belting covers of the Beatles (yes, this has happened) in her mic in front of the Monoprix on the Cours or the accordion player in front of Colombus Café, think about donating a Euro or two so that they can continue producing belle musique. ♦

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