Happy Halloween!

I’ve been meaning to post about Halloween in Aix (2015), but raising a now 3-month-old (she was 2-months when I started writing this post)…and the terrorist attacks on Paris (see: Peace for Paris)have caused me to delay it. But, now’s a better time than ever to talk about Halloween…before Noël storms in!

Ma dinosaure princesse! ❤

This year, I noticed that Halloween in Aix has evolved. The days where Halloween was just limited to bars are over. For exemple, last year, the city wasn’t covered in décorations such as these:

This year, even the cinéma was decked out!

   And, it didn’t stop there!

Restaurant: Hippopotamus (Aix-en-Provence).

Restaurants such as Piazza Papa on the Cours

shops such as Les Bonbons d’Aix in Place des Augustins

and even the train touriste were covered in Halloween décorations. I felt as if I were transported to the U.S. I love Halloween, so, this was a good feeling. I can’t wait until next year! ♦


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