R: Raisons: Riding on the Pony of Real Reasons (to Take the A-Z Challenge)

The A-Z Challenge is quite the task to take on. At first, I thought it was a nifty idée but that it wasn’t for me. I knew it would require a more steady weekly post, which I wasn’t yet ready for (I worked too much, was pregnant and, therefore, tired all of the time). When I first decided to dive into this challenge, I was still pregnant, but I was no longer working. I thought, “oh, I have plenty of time to blog on a variety of topics before the baby’s born…” And then after writing 5 posts (A-E), my water broke!

So, now, I’m stuck finishing the challenge with a newborn, which is not easy. But, I’m still sticking with the challenge.

My 3 Main Raisons for Taking the Challenge:

  • I was looking into writing on more of a variety of topics – this challenge has enabled me to accomplish this goal.
  • I’m obsessed with alliterations – this challenge forced me to be creative in coming up with titles that matched each letter of the alphabet as well as the theme for the post.
  • I was pregnant, off of work and ready to fill up my days with something more productive than complaining about the Août heat wave in Aix.

If you have a lot of time on your hands and are looking to expand the topics you write about, I totally recommend completing the A-Z challenge. So far, I’m pretty satisfied with the challenge, though it’s taking me longer than I thought to finish it…The point is that I finish the challenge! ♦

This is part of a blogging challenge: Topics ranging from A-Z. You can follow my challenge by clicking on the links below:

A: Adulthood: The Age of Absolute Ambiguïté 

B: Bilingue: La Vie is Better Being Bilingual

C: Christianisme: Combing the Cliffs of Clarté.

D: Death: Dealing with the Décès of My Dad

E: Éducation: The Endeavor of Easing into French Écoles

F: Food: Fancy or Faulty in France?

G: Going: Going Going Gone!

H: Home: My Heart Has Two Harbors

I: Interests: Intelligent, Insightful, Incredible!

J: Joy: La Jalousie is Overcome by La Joie

K: Khimar: Kind and Kooky Knitted Clothing Traditions

L: Lesson Plans: Leading the “Little Ones” into Language through Laughable Leçons

M: Musique: The Many Musicians Making Love on the Streets of Aix

N: Naughty or Nice?: Not Only Noticing the Différences, But Also the Similarités Between France and the U.S.

O: Obéi: Only Open to Obeying the Rules of the Road in…

P: PACS: Passionate Partners Pledging L’amour

Q: Questions: A Queen’s Quest for Clarté

R: Raisons: Riding on the Pony of Real Reasons (to Take the A-Z Challenge)

S: Study Abroad: Smiles and Sadness Set the Scène

T: Travel: Time to Hit the Trail!

U: Under the Influence: An Ugly Upward Climb Until Reaching the Summit

V: Vulgarité: Venturing out into the Vast and Voluptuous World of Cultural Différences

W: Walking: The Wise and Watchful Médiéval Wanderer

X: Xenial: A Xenodochial but not Xenophobic Host in France

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