Chapitre 7: An Amazing Aventure in Anaheim, CA

There’s only 1 réal thing to do in Anaheim, CA: Go to DISNEYLAND.

Ok, so, there are other things to do, but, let’s be honnête, Disney is The highlight.

5 Raisons to Have an Aventure at Disneyland in Anaheim:

  • Disney’s California Adventure.

Whether or not you decide to venture on this aventure, you can still have your photo taken in/on/around/under the lettres of CALIFORNIA. How cool is that?

  • The parade in downtown Disney. The parade offers viewers quite a show with its acrobats and floats representing your favorite Disney characters. 

  • Meeting Disney characters.

  • The French Quarter in Downtown Disney. 

It was as close to France as I was going to get in 2008.

  • The attractions. From speedy roller-coasters to relaxing boat rides Disney has an attraction fit for everyone!

Disneyland fulfills most peoples childhood dreams…at least for the time you’re there. Why not let your dreams come true for the 12+ hours you’re in the parc? Even adultes are kids at heart. ♦

*My next stop (in 3+ years…when my daughter is old enough to appreciate the parc): Disneyland Paris. I look forward to seeing all of my favorite Disney characters in France!

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine.


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