A Taste of Culture Japonaise at the Japan Expo Sud

It was a beau, brillant, and sun-filled day at Parc Chanot in Marseille. 

It was The almost-parfait day to wait 45 minutes in the line outside (despite having pre-ordered tickets online); the Mistral was at its peak. I was thankful to have put my hair into pigtails despite the fact that I must’ve looked like a 12-year old. At least my hair didn’t end up all snarled.

But, I fit in with this style, for I was at the Japan Expo Sud.

The Japan Expo Sud was a beau mixture of Japanese (or Japanese inspired) manga

(and animé, of course)

Full Metal Alchemist will always be my favorite animé.

and culture Japonaise.

Tanabata inspired Wish Trees.

5 Things That Définissent a Japan Expo:

  • Japanese (and Japanese inspired) manga and animé.
  • Cosplay…


(Even the vendeurs tap into the cosplay marché)


…and Scooby Doo…?

It must also be noted that whatever animated film/show (and even anything science-fiction) that was just released within the year (Japonais or not) will be displayed in one way or other at the Expo. Exemples: Star Wars; Deadpool…

Even vendeurs tapped into the marché.

…and the Lord of the Rings, which wasn’t released in 2016, but oh well, everyone likes a cool sword/dagger.

Oh, look! There’s Aragorn.

Though, I’m still baffled about how Scooby Doo fits into all of this…but, I love Scooby, so, I approve!

  • Japanese (inspired) sports…


…and board games.


  • Author signings and présentations.

L’autographe and dédicace from Reno Lemaire!

Reno Lemaire, auteur of Dreamland.

Reno Lemaire, auteur of Dreamland (Lemaire set the stage for French manga authors) .

  • Onigiri…



…and Rainbow Rice Cakes.

  • Old vidéo game consoles… 

    Oh look…there’s Scooby!

    …and des jeux vidéos.

Super Mario Duck Hunt.

Street Fighter.

The Japan Expo Sud fulfilled my taste of culture Japonaise…for the day.

All I need to do now is go to Japon (and maybe my love of culture Japonaise will be fulfilled for the year…).

Ma famille-outing at the Japan Expo Sud was quite a last-minute-but-super-awesome décision.

Next time, we will dress in full costume (on vous jure ! We swear!). ♦


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