Chapitre 12: A Dauphin Sighting in Panama City Beach, FL

I was looking at my reflection in crystal clear blue water and then I saw rochers, sable, and poisson…The Gulf of Mexico was the prettiest body of water I had ever seen (that is until I swam in the Méditerranée in 2012).

I found myself at a loss for words in 2009, when I buried my feet in pure white sand.“This is close enough to paradis pour moi,” I thought.

5 Raisons to Take a Dip in the Gulf of Mexico in Panama City Beach:

  • Poissons and crustacés.


    There’s no better way to swim than with real poissons…just watch out for poissons venimeux.

    A successful catch with the net…

  • Dauphins! Not only can you swim with poissons, you can also swim with dauphins!
  • Crystal claire water. Before the oil spill, the water was so clean that you could see the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. After the oil spill, it took time (it’s still not 100% yet) to restore the water to its crystal clear blue.
  • White sable. There’s nothing better to do before taking a dip in the water than basking beneath the soleil on soft, white sand.
  • Shell Island. There are several small wildlife habitat islands in the Gulf of Mexico – they’re really just a swim (or a jet-ski) away from the coast. 

Panama City Beach is not The number 1 best spot to enjoy the Gulf of Mexico in FL, but it’s not bad, either. The city mixed with the beach creates a slightly more hazy vue due to the polluted atmosphère than the vue in a town or village mixed with the beach (such as Destin, FL). However, this vue is still pas mal, or not bad…In fact, the beach was clear-enough for my vue! ♦

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine.

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