U: Under the Influence: An Ugly Upward Climb Until Reaching the Summit

We are all subjected to influence – good and bad; positif and négatif.

But, how we handle these influences is what turns us into a “good” personne or a “bad” personne or even a personne somewhere in-between good and bad. After all, la vie is not always black and white.

I will also go as far as to say: Sometimes, the bad influences can shape us into a good personne. However, once the hole has been dug – even if it’s not so deep – it becomes quite the challenge to climb out. After all, there aren’t any ladders, stairs, steps…elevators…in a hole.

Non, it’s up to your own individual strength to get you out. Though, there are some influences positifs that offrent to help you out. Sometimes, this works and their help is much appreciated; other times, it doesn’t work out and you find yourself even further in the hole.

But, what about those influences positifs?

There are several people in ma vie who have, for one raison or other, ignored or disregarded those influences positifs.

They found more confort in the bad influences; therefore, they stayed glued to them. It’s important to show your support and offre positifs, but, sometimes, no matter how much help you offre, there comes a time when you have to stop.

It’s difficile – you feel like you’re letting someone you love down. But, in the end, you’ve done everything humanly possible. Now, it’s up to his/her own strength. Thus, giving new meaning to the term: Rock bottom.

Now, what about those influences négatifs that causes people to reach rock bottom?

I could go on for days about these influences négatifs: drogues, the jihad, gangs, peer pressure, etc… But, instead, I’d rather discuss bullying. Bullying is the epitome of influences négatifs and can even lead to the aforementioned négatifs.

Bullying is the négatif path of the bully, but it can also open up a négatif path for the victim: Victims can turn to drogues, body mutilation, dépression, and even suicide. The réalité can be shocking at first, but it’s really not at all surprenant. However, with influences positifs, these négatifs can be avoided.

Bullying has appeared quite a bit in the media within the last few years, but it’s been around since before our great grandparents were bébés. We all know the idée générale that encompasses bullying – power, exception, learned behavior – and the harmful affects it leaves on its victims. So, why is bullying still a problème? According to Richard Gray for the UK Telegraph, one raison that bullying still existe is that people are afraid to stop it when they see it happening because they don’t “want to risk being attacked violently themselves.” On the one hand, this makes sense. But, on the other hand, there are other ways to intervene on the spot than jumping into a physical attack (think: call the police or the directeur or the personne in charge). It becomes much more difficile when the personne in charge is doing the bullying or being bullied. This is why there are protestations and the choix to change/transfer jobs/schools.

Yousef Erakat for fouseyTUBE created a social expérimentation on bullying:

This vidéo was meant to highlight the amount of people who simply walk away or ignore the bullying that’s happening right beneath their eyes; however, I discovered the good in this world from this expérimentation. I expected no one to help the victim at all, but, to my surprise, there were several people who jumped in. I think this vidéo is a parfait tool to motivate others to jump in, too. If you’re afraid to intervene physiquement, then all it takes is to press record on your phone: You tell the bully to stop bullying and then explique that you are recording his actions to use as evidence.

As the victim of bullying, what can you do to put an end to bullying? This is a tough question to answer. Especially if the bully is yourself – self bullying is so much more common than société lets on.

There are tons of speeches given by the victims of bullies – we identifions or feel sympathy/empathy for them, yet bullying is still a problème. However, these motivational speakers offrent a bit of hope for victims as well as motivation for bystanders to speak up.

Lizzie Velasquez fell victim to internet bullying, yet she was able to channel this énergie négative into becoming a successful motivational speaker and auteur.

It’s difficile to climb out of the hole that a bully has dug and then thrown you in, but it is possible. The climb is tough, but as Lizzie Velasquez experienced, it’s important to see the “blessing [instead of the] curse.” Rising above the bully makes you much stronger and more successful than the bully. ♦

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