Where’s the…Renard? Part 2

This post took a dive into the industrial-stone forêt that is Aix and discovered renards (foxes)…Everywhere!

Rue de la glacière*

It’s really the only type of graffiti (in Aix, bien-sûr) that is intéressante.

Rue Clemenceau*

Why is it so interesting? Well, it’s an énigme:

Petite Rue des Carmes*

Why are they so present?

Rue Clemenceau*

Is it an initiation?

Le Cours Sextius*

…A prank?

Rue Lisse des Cordeliers*

Is it from high-schoolers or université students?

Rue Irma Moreau*

Is it a “gang” (the French idéal, not the Américain)?

Rue Papassaudi**

I still have no answers to these questions, but more renards keep popping up!

Rue d’Italie*

…And let’s not forget the renards with the birds!

Avenue de Tübingen*

It’s making me crazy!

Copropriété Les Terrasses du Roy -Rond Point Irma Moreau*

I want to solve the énigme!

Rue des Tanneurs.

Rue des Tanneurs*

So, until the résolution comes to me,

Rue des Marseillais*

I’m still on the “Where’s the renard?” quest! ♦

*These photos were taken in Mai.

**These photos were taken in Avril.


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