Festival: Immobilier & Aménagement Urbain

The first ever Immobilier & Aménagement Urbain Estivale (Summer Festival) was held in Aix from 3 Juin – 5 Juin (2016).

It took place at Les Allées Provençales: Place François Villon and Place de la Rotonde.

There were over 70 booths representing Agences Immobiliers (realtors),

New Home Builders,

Organismes Financiers (Financial), Government Associations,

and Interior Design Supplies/Idées.

This festival also showed future urbain plans for Aix.

There was a lottery game to play that offered 3 types of prizes…Sadly, I lost. But, it was free to play!

With all of these immobilier enterprises and governmental associations laid out at our feet, this festival was the festival parfait for potential buyers, sellers, and renters.

This was the first year for the fest,

so, we’ll just have to wait (a whole year) to see if this festival will be held annuellement. ♦


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