W: Walking: The Wise and Watchful Médiéval Wanderer

There’s no better way to spend a scorching summer day…

than wandering the streets at La Fête Les Médiévales in Brignoles.

This fête offers a mélange of médiévale inspired musiciens…

and street vendeurs selling anything from cornes

to fromage, or cheese…

to herbs and spices…

to quill pens…

and wooden pencils…

to jewelry (that has absolutely nothing to do with the Middle Ages, but is pretty anyway)…

and médiévale inspired dress…


to elfe feathers…

to pictures made of bois, or wood…

to beverages such as L’Elixir de la Sorcière, or Witch’s Brew (wine).








and Hydromel (aka Mead), which is available for purchase by the glass or by the bottle…

This fête also offers spectacles on médiévale weaponry…

and présentations on médiévale archery


and patrons dressed in Medieval inspired costumes can also be seen.

Even the food has a médiévale touch!

This fete isn’t just for adults; even kids can participate!

The best part about this fête is the flood of médiévale musique that consumes you as you turn down every street.

Even 8 months pregnant, I happily wandered down every street to see what each vendeur had to offer!

If you missed the fête this past Août, don’t worry because it’s held annually! ♦

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W: Walking: The Wise and Watchful Médiéval Wanderer

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