Finalement, My Dreams Came True

Novembre 2015:

The morning sun offre a burning heat, which made the frigid, Mistral wind bearable. While my body was happily warmed by this bright orange ball of gaz, sadly, my toes were kept in the shadows. “Why didn’t I wear my boots?” I thought.

In Aix, the Mistral is especially fierce during the winter months (yes, the end of Novembre counts as Winter) as it whimsically brings down the “gift” of cold air des montagnes. The sun always has been (and always will be) a close friend to Aix; however, the sun can’t be everywhere at once. So, as you stroll down Rue de la Verrerie in late Novembre, be sure to bundle up (it’s a shadow-y filled rue).

The Mistral likes to hide in the shadows and with the boom of moderne buildings…

…in conjunction with the anciennes églises 


Église de Saint Jean de Malte

et cathédrale Sainte-Sauveur,

the Mistral is ready to surprise even the most bundled up southerner.

It’s touriste saison

But, this morning, I was on a mission and I was close to achieving it. So, I opened the centuries-old wooden door and escaped the Mistral (*the Sous Préfecture de Bouches du Rhône recently changed locations: It is now located on 455 Avenue Pierre Brossolette*).

I took a number and then found a spot to sit. There were 8 people ahead of me but the queue passed with the vitesse of a jet plane.

When my numéro was called, I nervously approché the counter. I was worried that I’d be directed to Marseille! I was greeted with an enthousiasme contagieux. I explained my situation and handed over my récépissé.

The Préfecture took my récépissé; however, I made black & white copies of it when I first received it (you just never know). So, here’s a look at mine.

I never did snap a pic of my récépissé (before the Préfecture took it), so, here’s an exemple of what one (in couleur) really looks like.

Aujourd’hui was my lucky day! I left the counter with the excitement of a 4-year-old who just met Santa. Closing the wooden door behind me, I thought, “I. CAN’T. BELIEVE. IT.”

I decided to embrace my luck and take the Cours back home. It was warm and sunny the ENTIRE time! As I took in the sights of the marché de Noël and the scents of mulled wine and fried churros, I smiled to myself.

Finalement: I have my TITRE DE SÉJOUR (aka: my residency card).

Afficher l'image d'origine

This is a helpful copy of a Titre de Séjour that I found here. The cartes also have a chip.

Janvier 2017:

Who would’ve thought that with the coming of 2017, I would still be in France…on a second Titre de Séjour?! ♦


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