Chapitre 25: Modern Art Found in a Castle in Lacoste, France

When I first heard that I would be headed to Lacoste as part of a université trip, I assumed that I would also learn about the origins of the famous clothing mark of the same name. Boy, was I wrong! Lacoste is a small village in the “Lubéron” nestled in the Vaucluse department in the south of France.


Despite its Médiévale vibe, Lacoste is open to modernity in the form of art – specifically at the Château du Marquis du Sade.

Arbre de la vie de Ettore Greco

“Arbre de la vie” by Ettore Grec

5 Raisons to step foot in Lacoste:

  • The Château du Marquis du Sade aka Le Château de Lacoste. Château du Marquis de SadeThis Château offers visitors something unique – a rarity – not found in most other castles: Art moderne. Art moderne can be found all throughout the château‘s grounds.
    Château du Marquis de SadeThis display of art moderne is a project by the Savannah School of Art, which is situated just steps from the château. Savannah Art College
  • Plenty of pique-nique space with a view.  LacosteThere’s no better way to enjoy lunch in Lacoste than relaxing on the gravel grounds of the Château du Marquis du Sade and enjoying the view!
  • A step back in time. LacosteWith it’s cobblestone streets and stone steps; it’s wash-house and windmill, Lacoste boasts “cute Médiévale village“. Lacoste
  • Le Forêt des Cèdres. This communal forêt is composed of 94 ha of flora and fauna – not to forget the cèdres trees imported from North Africa. It’s an excellent way to discover that Lacoste is not only the centre-ville! So, lace up your hiking boots or get your bike ready because this national forêt is not to be missed! It’s about a 4 km balade.
  • Le marché de Lacoste. The Lacoste marché takes place every Tuesday from MaiSeptembre.

Lacoste is the lover you never knew existed: With its Médiévale aspects combined with hints of modern artwork and a national forêt, Lacoste will fill any touriste’s dreams in one day. ♦

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine.


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