Where’s the Renard…? Part 3

So, thanks to my cousin, I may have found the culprit behind these renards!

Rue de la Cepede*

I don’t know if they are responsable for all of them…

Ave Robert Schuman*

or just a few…

Cours Sextius (next to IPN)*

But, I have raison to believe that they’re responsable for at least a few of them.

Rue des Magnans**

Who are They?

Rue Joseph Cabassol*

I bet you’re just dying to know…

Boulevard du Roi René***

Well, you can check out their Tumblr here. ♦

*These photos were taken in Juin 2016.

**These photos were taken in Juillet 2016.

***These photos were taken in Août 2016


A Drôle of a Time at Drôle d’Endroit

Drôle d’Endroit is a charmant, Indie (not Indian) style restaurant nestled on Rue Annonerie Vieille.

I took mon chéri to this restaurant for his birthday because I heard they had live musique. It turned out that they have live musicians (playing mainly jazz and latin styles) that play throughout the night (yay!). The downside: The musique started rather late, so we were almost finished with our dîner when they started. To profite most with the musique, we ate dessert very slowly (at least, we tried to eat it slowly).


This restaurant boasts an expensive menu that contains organic, en saison, and in-house made food.

There is no hard menu as it is always changing, so the serveurs wheel around a freshly written menu to each table.

During dîner, we had a delicious combination of fruit, cheese, and beets for the entrée,

The entrée featured beets, fraises, and Mozzarella.

lamb (I can’t even begin to describe the way the meat melted in my mouth…it was a meal parfait)

and steak.

This restaurant is NOT idéal for those on a tight budget; however, I totally recommend this restaurant to those looking for authentic French cuisine. The cost:  – It was about 45€ par personne, but each centime was well worth it!

I give this restaurant ♥♥♥♥♥ because it offre patrons a drôle experience complète with live musique, high qualité organic and in-house made plats, no wait time because réservations are practically obligatoire; however, the musique starts late, so, I recommend making a late (9 pm or after) réservation to fully profite from the musique.  ♦

*The ♥ rating is out of 5 and it is based on service, cleanliness and building décore, seating, wait-time, and food qualité of a restaurant‘s monetary group per meal/formule (for exemple, all of € monetary groupe are rated within this € groupe only):

  • – 1-10
  • – 11-25
  • – 26-40
  • – 41+

Festival: Immobilier & Aménagement Urbain

The first ever Immobilier & Aménagement Urbain Estivale (Summer Festival) was held in Aix from 3 Juin – 5 Juin (2016).

It took place at Les Allées Provençales: Place François Villon and Place de la Rotonde.

There were over 70 booths representing Agences Immobiliers (realtors),

New Home Builders,

Organismes Financiers (Financial), Government Associations,

and Interior Design Supplies/Idées.

This festival also showed future urbain plans for Aix.

There was a lottery game to play that offered 3 types of prizes…Sadly, I lost. But, it was free to play!

With all of these immobilier enterprises and governmental associations laid out at our feet, this festival was the festival parfait for potential buyers, sellers, and renters.

This was the first year for the fest,

so, we’ll just have to wait (a whole year) to see if this festival will be held annuellement. ♦

Where’s the…Renard? Part 2

This post took a dive into the industrial-stone forêt that is Aix and discovered renards (foxes)…Everywhere!

Rue de la glacière*

It’s really the only type of graffiti (in Aix, bien-sûr) that is intéressante.

Rue Clemenceau*

Why is it so interesting? Well, it’s an énigme:

Petite Rue des Carmes*

Why are they so present?

Rue Clemenceau*

Is it an initiation?

Le Cours Sextius*

…A prank?

Rue Lisse des Cordeliers*

Is it from high-schoolers or université students?

Rue Irma Moreau*

Is it a “gang” (the French idéal, not the Américain)?

Rue Papassaudi**

I still have no answers to these questions, but more renards keep popping up!

Rue d’Italie*

…And let’s not forget the renards with the birds!

Avenue de Tübingen*

It’s making me crazy!

Copropriété Les Terrasses du Roy -Rond Point Irma Moreau*

I want to solve the énigme!

Rue des Tanneurs.

Rue des Tanneurs*

So, until the résolution comes to me,

Rue des Marseillais*

I’m still on the “Where’s the renard?” quest! ♦

*These photos were taken in Mai.

**These photos were taken in Avril.

Free Festivals in Aix: Juin 2016

L’été brings the free (and the payant) fêtes to Aix (FYI l’été starts in Mai: Foire d’Aix, All Bikes Fest…etc…).

La Fête de la Musique Juin 2014.

The  Allées Provençales (the outdoor centre-commercial in Aix) has been working with the ville to host an array of free festivals throughout the year. This Spring – l’été, the mall offre a wide range of free fêtes called Rendez-vous Décallées. Rendez-vous Décallées not only includes festivals but also activités such as treasure hunts, games, and workshops.

This is every Saturday in Juin!

Last week-end (27-28 Mai) was the All Bikes Fest: An expo of US collector cars and bikes.

There were also non-collector cars (unless people have started collecting all Ford marques…).

En réalité, this fest was more of an auto show with an emphasis on US collector cars/bikes as non-US brands were also présentes.

In addition to this auto show, there was a dance school hosting free leçons!

There was also a concert!

Here’s a look at what’s to come this Juin aux Allées Provençales:

  • This week-end (Juin 3-5) is the Salon Immobilier. This is the first year for this estivale (summer fest), which was organisé by SEMEPA (Société d’Economie Mixte d’Equipement du Pays d’Aix), Aix, and the French version of the MLS: le portail d’annonces immobilières. This fest includes the ville‘s projection for urban development, disponible rentals and purchases, and what’s to come in urban conglomeration.
  • Juin 11 is the Euro 2016 Fest. There will be Foosball and bubble ball!
  • Juin 18 is the Journée et Bien- être. It’s a health and wellness day including nail bar, makeup workshops, and shiatsu.
  • Juin 25 is Excel Aix. This fest will include eco-friendly, hybrid, and électrique cars.

Here’s a look at what’s happening in Juin (free** and payant) in Aix (in addition to what’s happening aux Allées Provençales):

  • Juin 3-6 is Côté Vivre Sud. This fest is not free: It costs 10€, 7€ for the reduced fare; it takes place in Parc Jourdan. There are over 250 expos including demonstrations culinaires, taste testing, decorating advice for jardins, and more!
  • Juin 3-6 is also Rendez-Vous aux Jardins.* The cost of this fest dépend on the jardin you visite: Pavillon Vendôme is a free jardin public – the musée will be open and is also free, Bastide de Romégas is a jardin privé and costs 4€/ for âges 10+*, Jardin du château du Seuil is free and offre wine tastings, and Parc de la bastide du Jas de Bouffan is a free jardin public and offre Watergame (interactive art made by the art students at the Ecole Superieure d’Art D’Aix).
  • Juin 5 is Playground Cercle Basket Contest 2016.* This festival focuses on culture urbaine: Hip-hop dance leçons, musique, and urban art (such as graffiti) will be some of the highlights. The basketball contest is being held at Gymnase le Pioline and inscriptions are 20€ per team (buy tickets here)There is a free concert by LEFA de la Sexion d’assaut after the tournaments. *Watching the contest is free; however, participation on a team costs money.
  • Juin 5-6 is the Journées Antiquité Brocant. This festival is free and will be held on the Cours Mirabeau. There will be over 50 expos selling antiquités and various other items, such as books, paintings, tapis, their latest works of art etc…
  • Juin 5 is Quatuor Cadences. This free concert offre musique occidentale and orientale. It will be held at Musée Granet at 16:00.
  • Juin 5 is also the Marché du Livre Ancien et Moderne at Place Hôtel de Ville. Summary: It’s pretty much a book market with all sorts of différents types of books.
  • Juin 6-7 is the Musique de Chambre. This free Mozart inspired concert will be held at the Conservatoire Darius Milhaud at 20h.
  • Juin 11, 18, and 25 is the Marché d’Artistes Peintres et Sculpteurs. This marché will be held at Place de l’Université
  • Juin 10-12 is Festival des Livres, des Stars. This festival costs 5€, though the various celebrity encounters in cafés throughout Aix will be free. This fest is a way for auteurs and animateurs who have published something within the year to promote their works. They do dedications, conférences, and lecteurs.
  • Juin 12 is Les Calades Provençales et les métiers d’art. This festival is free and will take place on the Cours Mirabeau. Included in this festival: Potiers, glassblowers, carpenters, and céramistes from the région. 
  • Juin 24 is la Fête de la Musique. This festival is free. Musique stages will be placed throughout the centre-ville. From several artistes on the Cours Mirabeau to Rue d’Italie to Place du Prêcheurs and so forth…

Aix offre quite a bit of free fun things to do, so, choose one (or all) and have a blast embracing culture Aixoise! ♦

**Free = the entrée to the fest. However, there’s always vendeurs selling something, so, purchases can be made. The payant festivals also offre vendeurs selling stuff.

Foire (aka Festival) d’Aix

Normally, the term foire can be translated as “Flee Market”; however, this foire was more like a festival.

This year (Mai 27, 28, 29 2016), the Foire was held on Esplanade MozartSuper Héros were invited to the Foire; however, sadly, I didn’t see any.

Do you see any Super Héros?

I thought that the booths would be Super Héro themed (I figured there’d be booths of various entreprises who would be creative enough to play with this Super Héro thème), but I was wrong. This was a bit of a disappointment, but it still proved a foire intéressante.

There  were booths from various companies selling n’importe quoi: Anything from soaps…

to wine…

to Navettes were sold at this foire.

There were also booths from companies who were promoting products

…a pipes promotion….?

or activités: Anything from mini golf

to laser tag

to an outdoor labyrinthe were being promoted.

There was also a stage with a host doing animations and games.

The Foire d’Aix was nothing special, but it offre a logical way (logical for the clients – everything was lined up in front of you) for local businesses to promote themselves at the same time to the public.

I hope that this turned out to be great advertising for these businesses. ♦

Where’s the…Renard?

Some pretty awful graffiti can be found in Aix; however, there’s one style that m’intrigue: Le renard, or fox. 

Rue des Tanneurs**

He’s (ou she’s) everywhere!

Rue Marechal Foch

Rue Marechal Foch*

He (ou she) comes in noir

Rue Entrecasteaux*

…and in blanc.

Rue Fabrot

Rue Fabrot*

With a crow (see: Les Fables de la Fontaine: Le Corbeau et le Renard (in both English and Français))…

La place de l’avenue Georges Pompidou (This photo was taken in Février 2016.)

or without a crow.

Le Cours Sextius*

Some streets even have multiple renards!

Rue Thiers*

Rue Thiers*

He’s (ou she’s) usually on the same side of the street…

Rue Fernand DOL*

…however, every now-and-then, he (ou she) appears on the opposite side!

Rue d’Italie*

He (ou she) not only appears on the sides of streets and allées,

Allée Jean de la Fontaine**

but also inside condo complexes!

Les Terrasses du Roy (the side on Rue Irma Moreau)**

I don’t know if it’s a student initiation prank…

Rue Victor Leydet**

…or a gang…

Rue Mejanes**

…or the ville itself…

Rue de Montigny**

but whatever the cas,

Place des Chapeliers**

I’m on the “Where’s Waldo the renard?” fad. ♦

*These photos were taken in Mars 2016

**These photos were taken in Avril 2016.