A Drôle of a Time at Drôle d’Endroit

Drôle d’Endroit is a charmant, Indie (not Indian) style restaurant nestled on Rue Annonerie Vieille.

I took mon chéri to this restaurant for his birthday because I heard they had live musique. It turned out that they have live musicians (playing mainly jazz and latin styles) that play throughout the night (yay!). The downside: The musique started rather late, so we were almost finished with our dîner when they started. To profite most with the musique, we ate dessert very slowly (at least, we tried to eat it slowly).


This restaurant boasts an expensive menu that contains organic, en saison, and in-house made food.

There is no hard menu as it is always changing, so the serveurs wheel around a freshly written menu to each table.

During dîner, we had a delicious combination of fruit, cheese, and beets for the entrée,

The entrée featured beets, fraises, and Mozzarella.

lamb (I can’t even begin to describe the way the meat melted in my mouth…it was a meal parfait)

and steak.

This restaurant is NOT idéal for those on a tight budget; however, I totally recommend this restaurant to those looking for authentic French cuisine. The cost:  – It was about 45€ par personne, but each centime was well worth it!

I give this restaurant ♥♥♥♥♥ because it offre patrons a drôle experience complète with live musique, high qualité organic and in-house made plats, no wait time because réservations are practically obligatoire; however, the musique starts late, so, I recommend making a late (9 pm or after) réservation to fully profite from the musique.  ♦

*The ♥ rating is out of 5 and it is based on service, cleanliness and building décore, seating, wait-time, and food qualité of a restaurant‘s monetary group per meal/formule (for exemple, all of € monetary groupe are rated within this € groupe only):

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  • – 26-40
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