Chapitre 8: A Célébrité Sighting in Hollywood, CA

“Ah, Hollywood, it’s good to meet you, finalement .”

*The Hollywood sign might be small, but it’s there!

My French students seem to think that célébrités are all over the place in Hollywood, California. Well, I was there…and I saw 1 célébrité. So, obviously, I beg to differ.

In 2008, I (and the dizaine de paparazzi next to me) had the plaisir of seeing Lindsay Lohan while she was filming…some film (it’s not like I could’ve asked her the titre of the film).

While I don’t care much for Lindsay Lohan, I certainly enjoyed the “paparazzi” experience.

5 Raisons You Probably Won’t See a Célébrité in Hollywood:

  • Although many célébrités live in Hollywood, they are rarement prancing around the city. Unless you show up to a Star Unveiling Cérémonie, you’re not likely to see a star on Hollywood Boulevard.
  • Their homes are gated. In fact, you can barely see through the gate’s entryway. Or, in some cas (such as that of Ozzie Osbourne), the gate doesn’t have holes to pear through.

Ozzie’s house in 2008 (it was on the marché in 2008).

  • The property they inhabit is quite vast. Their mansions sit far enough away from the gated fence that not even a person with 20/20 vision can spot a célébrité by peering through the front gate.
  • Most of the time, they aren’t even at home. They are either working on a film or an advertisement, faire un apparition (making an appearance), or traveling (for whatever raison).
  • They don’t randomly shop anywhere. In fact, most célébrités hire assistants to do their shopping; however, when they décident to shop themselves, their dizaine de bodyguards surround them. This article in the LA Times might be able to help you encounter a célébrité while shopping; however, don’t count on it.

Seeing a célébrité is difficile – and for good raison! They deserve some “alone-time” as much as you and me. Plus, there’s much more to see in Hollywood than célébrités: For exemple, there’s the Hollywood sign

or the hike…

to the Griffith Observatory…

and the vue of LA from the observatoire.

However, if you really want to see a célébrité, visit this website for some pointers. ♦

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine.


Chapitre 7: An Amazing Aventure in Anaheim, CA

There’s only 1 réal thing to do in Anaheim, CA: Go to DISNEYLAND.

Ok, so, there are other things to do, but, let’s be honnête, Disney is The highlight.

5 Raisons to Have an Aventure at Disneyland in Anaheim:

  • Disney’s California Adventure.

Whether or not you decide to venture on this aventure, you can still have your photo taken in/on/around/under the lettres of CALIFORNIA. How cool is that?

  • The parade in downtown Disney. The parade offers viewers quite a show with its acrobats and floats representing your favorite Disney characters. 

  • Meeting Disney characters.

  • The French Quarter in Downtown Disney. 

It was as close to France as I was going to get in 2008.

  • The attractions. From speedy roller-coasters to relaxing boat rides Disney has an attraction fit for everyone!

Disneyland fulfills most peoples childhood dreams…at least for the time you’re there. Why not let your dreams come true for the 12+ hours you’re in the parc? Even adultes are kids at heart. ♦

*My next stop (in 3+ years…when my daughter is old enough to appreciate the parc): Disneyland Paris. I look forward to seeing all of my favorite Disney characters in France!

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine.

Chapitre 6: Filipino Fast-Food in National City, CA

National City, California is the second-oldest city in California (San Diego being the first). It’s a small city near San Diego with over 20% of the population  being Filipino résidents. Thus, there are a plenty of good restaurants serving delicious Filipino food.

Karihan Filipino Food.

Karihan Filipino Food.

5 Raisons to make a pit-stop in National City:

  • Good Filipino food. Finding a Filipino restaurant is quite the easy task.
  • Jollibee. I wouldn’t consider this “top-quality” Filipino food, but it’s quite an experience.

    He was quite a jolly ol’ bee…

    Instead, I consider it good Filipino Fast-food, which you can’t find in the Chicago-land area.


  • Delicious old-fashioned ice-cream. Niederfrank’s Ice-cream offers patrons ice-cream made through an “antique, inefficient, outdated and expensive process” but it’s certainement tasty!

  • The Santa Fe Rail Depot. The Santa Fe Rail Depot was created in 1882. This transcontinental railroad is the only terminus in the United States that still exists. Today, it is a musée (see this website for more info). The highlight: It offers touristes some photo ops of old train cars.

National City isn’t The number 1 spot for tourisme in California, but it’s a great place to make a 1-day pit-stop: Grab some Filipino grub, visit the Santa Fe Rail Depot and the Jose Rizal mémorial, and then top off the day with some old-fashioned ice-cream. There’s nothing better than a day full of good food and some sight seeing. ♦

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine.

Chapitre 5 1/2: Images from San Diego, CA

San Diego is quite a lovely city especially with its precious beaches.

And the loveliness is best exprimé through images.

There’s seal and sea lion watching…

Sun basking…

Beach musing…

Naval-ship touring…

House Vacation-rental admiring…

Nice balcons looking at the beach.


and Clubbing…

The clubbing experience is quite différent from that in Chicago – there was less House musique and more Rap.

…just to name a few…

San Diego is a belle ville with relatively mild weather nearly all year round – this makes it a parfait place for a nice, relaxing vacances! 

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine.

Chapitre 5: A Taste of the Sweet Soleil on Mission Beach in San Diego, CA

From the moment the plane touched down, I was in love with San Diego.

The weather was dry but comfortable.

For most of my stay, the sun shone brightly, but wasn’t scorching hot.

Everyday was the moment parfait to enjoy the beach. Mission Beach.

5 Raisons to Enjoy the Sunset on Mission Beach:

  • Mission Beach isn’t just for surfing and sunbathing, it also hosts a nombre of other types of activités. From horseshoes to bicycling to basketball, there’s a wide variety of non-water based activités for everyone. 
  • The Giant Dipper Roller Coaster. There’s no better way to enjoy the vue of the sunset than from the Giant Dipper.

  • Lunch on the grass, not on the sand. There are plenty of pic-nic tables for beach patrons to enjoy lunch, dîner, or even a game of poker.

  • Surf in the Wave House Athletic Club. There is plenty of océan space for everyone; however, for beginners or those who prefer not to take the risque in the océan, the Wave House Athletic Club offers fake ocean waves.

*Edit: As of 02 Janvier 2016, The Wave House Athletic Club is currently being reconstructed, so, it is closed.

  • Fish for lunch. The Mission Bay Jetty offers fishers a nice spot to reel in some yellow tail.

Mission Beach may not be the Best beach in the U.S.A., but it certainly has its perks!

If you’re in the San Diego area, I recommend taking a day to enjoy the beach and some of the activités it has to offer. And, don’t forget to test your adrénaline on the Giant Dipper! ♦

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine.

Chapitre 4: Sleepy Seals in San Diego, CA

The sun was glistening off the Pacifique; the wind was giving me a new hairstyle.

The Hornblower touriste boat was bobbing with the waves.

I admired the construction of the San Diego-Coronado bridge as we bobbed up and down underneath it and then turned around.

And then I saw them: Seals.

The seals didn’t do anything but lay around. “Hey, I wanna relax under the sun, too!” They didn’t care what I wanted.

5 Raisons to Take a Boat Tour in San Diego:

  • Seals. They’re big, lazy, and fishy but they’re adorable!

They can be seen from afar, on the boat, which is great for those who préfère not to share the beach with these créatures.

  • The vue magnifique of San Diego from the Océan Pacifique.

Look! There’s a house at the top of the hôtel.

  • The vue and the seals can be enjoyed from inside the cabin on colder days. 

There’s no better way to enjoy the océan and the city on a cold day than inside a nice, cozy boat cabin.

  • The explication of San Diego’s histoire from the océan. Who knew that San Diego was the first city in California where the Europeans settled? Thus, giving it the name: The Birth Place of California.
  • A turn driving the boat. Ok, so you don’t really get to drive the boat, but you can enjoy the vue from the wheel and have your photo taken.

Yep, I’m driving the boat…

San Diego is a cute city with great weather nearly all year round!

It sure beats Chicago’s humidité during the summer months. ♦

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine.