Chapitre 6: Filipino Fast-Food in National City, CA

National City, California is the second-oldest city in California (San Diego being the first). It’s a small city near San Diego with over 20% of the population  being Filipino résidents. Thus, there are a plenty of good restaurants serving delicious Filipino food.

Karihan Filipino Food.

Karihan Filipino Food.

5 Raisons to make a pit-stop in National City:

  • Good Filipino food. Finding a Filipino restaurant is quite the easy task.
  • Jollibee. I wouldn’t consider this “top-quality” Filipino food, but it’s quite an experience.

    He was quite a jolly ol’ bee…

    Instead, I consider it good Filipino Fast-food, which you can’t find in the Chicago-land area.


  • Delicious old-fashioned ice-cream. Niederfrank’s Ice-cream offers patrons ice-cream made through an “antique, inefficient, outdated and expensive process” but it’s certainement tasty!

  • The Santa Fe Rail Depot. The Santa Fe Rail Depot was created in 1882. This transcontinental railroad is the only terminus in the United States that still exists. Today, it is a musée (see this website for more info). The highlight: It offers touristes some photo ops of old train cars.

National City isn’t The number 1 spot for tourisme in California, but it’s a great place to make a 1-day pit-stop: Grab some Filipino grub, visit the Santa Fe Rail Depot and the Jose Rizal mémorial, and then top off the day with some old-fashioned ice-cream. There’s nothing better than a day full of good food and some sight seeing. ♦

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine.