Chapitre 14: Alligators, Craw-Fish, & a Lighthouse in Tybee Island, GA





and alligators…?

Alligators at The Crab Shack Restaurant.

Well, that’s what I found in Tybee Island.

In 2011, Spring Break fell on the week of Saint Patrick’s Day. So, I décidé to go “all out” while still in the USA. And when a Chicagoan says, “all out,” she means “to a warm climate with a beach”

I found myself wading in the Océan Atlantique in Mars!

It was meant to be…

Just look at our smiles…we’re in paradis!

Why wasn’t I a Tybee resident already?

Oh wait…there are alligators. That’s why.

But, the alligators didn’t stop me from stuffing my face with fresh craw-fish and enjoying all Tybee has to offre!

Thumbs up in the Head Keeper’s Cottage at the Tybee Island Lighthouse Station.

5 Raisons to Munch on Craw-Fish in Tybee Island:

  • Sunny weather. Georgia can get quite humide in the mois de l’été, or summer months, which makes eating craw-fish outside with nature not so thrilling. So, there’s no better way to shrug off that humidité than relaxing on Tybee Island with a plate full of craw-fish.

They’re as close to cockroaches (they sure look like ‘roaches) as I was going to get in 2011. And, boy, were they good!

  • Seclusion. Tired of eating in overly crowded beach restaurants? Tybee Island is a wonderful vacation destination; however, it’s not as popular as The Hilton Head, for exemple (which is close by).

    The Crab Shack Restaurant

    So, eating a bucket full of craw-fish with only a few vacationers is the norm.

  • Eating with ‘Gators. At The Crab Shack, one can eat alongside real alligators There’s nothing more thrilling than eating craw-fish next to several alligators
  • Endless amounts of craw-fish overlooking Chimney Creak, which leads into the Océan Atlantique. The breathtaking vue of the creak enables patrons to eat in paix and tranquillité.

    The Crab Shack is ready for Saint Patrick’s Day.

  • Fun without the endless crowds. At The Crab Shack, there’s a mixture of fun and food.

    The Low Country Boil from The Crab Shack.

    mélange of both gives this restaurant a relaxed, southern atmosphere, which makes dîner that much more enjoyable.

Aside from alligators, beaches, and craw-fish, Tybee Island is known for its lighthouses – spécifiquement, the Tybee Island Lighthouse.

The Tybee Island Light Station has been in place for over 270 years. General James Oglethorpe, Governor of the 13th colony, in 1732, had the lighthouse made.

I made it up (and down) the 178 stairs…

…to see the vue of Tybee Island.

Across from the lighthouse rests the Tybee Island Museum Battery Garland.

Once home to Fort Screven during the Spanish-American War, this fort was turned into a musée.

Everything from pirate paraphernalia…

to military effects…

to carnaval rides…

to the Océan Atlantique

can be viewed at this musée.

To some, the point of a vacances is to relax;

to others it’s to raise your blood pressure doing thrilling activités.

I will always remember this trip to Tybee Island as one where my parents could relax for a change.

If you ever find yourself in Tybee Island, don’t forget to enjoy the craw-fish and the alligators among the lighthouses and beaches. ♦

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine.


Chapitre 2: An Encounter Célèbre in Savannah, GA

It’s common knowledge that Los Angeles and New York host some of the most célébrités connues in the world; however, there’s another city – tucked away among the marshes and in between the alligators and swamp flies – that also screams: célébrités. This humid, célébrités infested city is called Savannah, Georgia.

The city is most known for its appearance in Forest Gump; however, it is also known for good, southern food as a result of 2 cooking shows célèbres on The Food Network, thanks to Paula Dean. 

Paula Dean is known as the Queen of Southern Cuisine (read her bio here).

In 1996, she opened her own restaurant, The Lady & Sons. Due to the popularité and succès of the Lady & Sons, in 2003, she moved The Lady & Sons to a larger building.

To dine at this southern-food paradis, you have to call ahead. Walk-ins are accepté; however, you won’t be seated immediately. En fait, the wait is usually a minimum of 1.5 hours (and rightfully so!).

5 Raisons to Make a Réservation at The Lady & Son’s in Savannah:

  • It’s southern cooking at its finest! 

Fried green tomatoes.

  • The serveurs greet everyone with good ol’ southern hospitalité. Even those walk-in patrons who become antsy as they wait for their names to be called.
  • There’s a buffet full of delicious, southern cuisine. Of course, there’s a menu full of entrées, plats principaux, and desserts…

Photo courtesy of B. Massett.

…but the buffet tops it all! I had the luxury of filling my stomach full (too full) of green beans, macaroni & cheese, southern boiled potatoes, fried chicken, and so much more at the buffet.

  • You’re sure to run into a célébrité. Whether it’s Paula Dean or one (or both) of her sons (they’re known to stop by the restaurant) or even a célébrité dining at the restaurant, you’re sure to run into someone!

  • They serve sirop with cornbread! There’s no better way to start a meal than with cornbread and some maple sirop!

Apparemment, old-fashioned southern cornbread looks like northern pancakes.

If you ever find yourself in Savannah, be sure to make a réservation for some good, old-fashioned southern grub at The Lady & Sons. ♦

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine.