Bucket List

After reading the bucket list of une amie, a friend, I was inspired to note my bucket list in a post. I’ve created pas mal (quite a lot) of bucket lists throughout my life; after all, having goals (especially those on papier) has always motivated me to achieve them. As I reflect on my list as an 8 year-old and my list now, I realize that some things never change: there’s a pattern consisting of traveling, teaching, culture, language, and adventure.

My 40 Bucket List (obviously, there’s no ordre; I’ve checked off the things I’ve already accomplished):

  1. Finish my undergrad diplôme (French, Foreign Language Learner Teacher License, and Southeast Asian Studies). √

    My graduation luncheon.

  2. Study abroad in France. √

    Graduation from IAU, Aix-en-Provence.

  3. Live with a host family in a foreign country. √

    A lovely picture with my housemate and my host mom!

  4. Zip-line in the Caribbean.
  5. Become fluent in French. √ (mon chéri thinks I can check this one off, though, are we ever really “fluent” in any language? As language is constantly evolving, it’s hard to really define ‘fluent’)
  6. Backpack in Europe with friends.
  7. Teach French in the US. √ 
  8. Go skiing and/or hiking in the Alps.
  9. Climb the Duomo in Florence. √

    The magnificent view of Florence from the top!

  10. Visit Mayan ruines in Mexico.
  11. Learn Tagalog (√) and use it enough to become fluent (I’m very rusty right now, so, still working on the fluency part).
  12. Try balut in the Philippines.
  13. Watch glass-blowing in Venice (Ty’s necklace counts, lol). √ 
  14. Climb a mountain. √

    I successfully climbed Montagne Sainte-Victoire (twice)!

  15. Learn Japanese and be able to watch animé sans sous-titres, without subtitles.
  16. Order sushi in Japan using successful Japanese.
  17. Go on a road-trip in the US of the restaurants on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.
  18. Visit all 50 US states & the territoires – I’m currently at 16 states & 1 territoire visited (WI, CA, GA, IA, IN, TN, TX, LA, FL, SC, SD, HI, KY, NV, MI, VA, DC).
  19. Visit Canada (including the Niagra Falls).
  20. See the ancient ruins in Rome. √

    The Colosseum.

  21. Visit Cat in Seville.
  22. Teach English abroad. √ 
  23. Take a yoga class in France (in French).
  24. Hike in Colorado.
  25. Visit the temples in Angor Wat.
  26. Kayak through les calanques (the rocky coastline in the south of France) with mon chéri. √ 
  27. Visit Greece and its isles.
  28. Take ballroom dance classes with mon chéri.
  29. Ride in a montgolfière (hot-air balloon) in France.
  30. Visit Tours and as many châteaux in the Loire Vallée as possible. √

    Château d’Azay-le-Rideau.

  31. Relax on the beach in Palerme, Italie.
  32. Host an American holiday tradition for foreigners in their home country. √

    July 4th in France with French friends.

  33. Freeze my butt off while adventuring in northern Europe. √

    Freezing but having fun in Stockholm.

  34. Acquire Italien.
  35. Visit amis in Irelande, in Scotland, and in Australie.
  36. Drive a car in Europe. √

    On the way to Barcelona!

  37. Tour major cities bordering the Adriatic Sea.
  38. Take the CAPES test.
  39. Eat seafood in Les Cinques Terres.
  40. Feed bamboo to a panda in China.

I recommend having a bucket list and to continue revamping it as you check off things you’ve achieved because there’s always something new to discover. For exemple, I only recently discovered Les Cinques Terres (it really is a MUST!). ♦