Where’s the…Renard?

Some pretty awful graffiti can be found in Aix; however, there’s one style that m’intrigue: Le renard, or fox. 

Rue des Tanneurs**

He’s (ou she’s) everywhere!

Rue Marechal Foch

Rue Marechal Foch*

He (ou she) comes in noir

Rue Entrecasteaux*

…and in blanc.

Rue Fabrot

Rue Fabrot*

With a crow (see: Les Fables de la Fontaine: Le Corbeau et le Renard (in both English and Français))…

La place de l’avenue Georges Pompidou (This photo was taken in Février 2016.)

or without a crow.

Le Cours Sextius*

Some streets even have multiple renards!

Rue Thiers*

Rue Thiers*

He’s (ou she’s) usually on the same side of the street…

Rue Fernand DOL*

…however, every now-and-then, he (ou she) appears on the opposite side!

Rue d’Italie*

He (ou she) not only appears on the sides of streets and allées,

Allée Jean de la Fontaine**

but also inside condo complexes!

Les Terrasses du Roy (the side on Rue Irma Moreau)**

I don’t know if it’s a student initiation prank…

Rue Victor Leydet**

…or a gang…

Rue Mejanes**

…or the ville itself…

Rue de Montigny**

but whatever the cas,

Place des Chapeliers**

I’m on the “Where’s Waldo the renard?” fad. ♦

*These photos were taken in Mars 2016

**These photos were taken in Avril 2016.