Côtelettes d’agneau au cari

Aujourd’hui, I tried another “new” recette. That is to say, I tried a recette that I’ve never attempted before. It’s called, Côtelettes d’agneau au cari, aka lamb chops with curry. The recette took about 45 minutes to complete.


*In general, I cook for 2 – unless otherwise noted.

Les ingrédients:

  • 4 lamb chops (4 were more than enough to feed 2 people)
  • 2 table spoons d’huile d’olive, or olive oil
  • 1.5 teaspoons de poudre de cari, or curry powder
  • ½ teaspoon de sel, or salt
  • ½ teaspoon de poivre, or ground pepper (black pepper or white pepper work fine)

Les Consignes (directions):

First, put 1 table spoon d’huile d’olive in a Cocotte Minute, or pressure cooker. If you don’t have a Cocotte Minute, a pot with a lid will also work.

Second, mix 1 table spoon d’huile d’olive, 1.5 teaspoons de poudre de cari, ½ teaspoon de sel, and ½ teaspoon de poivre in a bowl. Then, add the côtelettes d’agneau and mix well. Make sure the seasoning covers the côtelettes d’agneau.

Lastly, put the côtelettes d’agneau in the Cocotte Minute. Cook for about 15 minutes (based on côtelettes d’agneau from the fridge) or until the côtelettes d’agneau are no longer red on the outside and the juices are light pink. If you prefer your lamb well done, then cook it until the juices are clear. This website offers the ‘safe-to-eat’ temperatures of meat including côtelettes d’agneau: http://www.beefandlamb.com.au/Learn/Cooking_tips/Preparation_tips/How_to_tell_when_meat_is_ready_or_done. theAIXpatAIXperience is not affiliated with this website.

**A sauce that goes well with côtelettes d’agneau, or lamb chops is Raïta, an Indian sauce consisting of yogurt and vegetables/fruit. See raïta au melon et au concombre for the recette for the Raïta that I paired with these côtelettes d’agneau.

I pride myself on making recettes work on a budget; however, when I decided to switch up the meat and try this recette….well, I was in for a not-so-pleasant surprise. Who knew côtelettes d’agneau would be This expensive? I went to the local butcherie, which is cheaper than the supermarché, to buy 4 côtelettes d’agneau (had I been rich, I probably would’ve left with 8 côtelettes d’agneau); they rang up at 12€. On the surface, that’s not a bad price for côtelettes d’agneau; however, it’s not exactly the price an assistant de langue should be paying for meat for 1 meal. I felt only slightly guilty for this expenditure because it exceeded my expectations. This was my first time cooking côtelettes d’agneau, so, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. Who knew that côtelettes d’agneau are incredibly easy to cook? Needless to say, those côtelettes d’agneau were worth 12€; however, I won’t be buying l’agneau, or lamb again for a while… For assistants de langue or others on a tight budget, this recette is a great once-a-month luxury. ♦