Chapitre 16: A Milestone in Memphis, TN

This wasn’t my first time in Memphis; however, it was my first time celebrating a milestone in “the birthplace of rock n’ roll“: My BFF’s graduation from Pharmacy School!

All that hard work (stress, tears…you name it!) paid off!

5 Raisons to Celebrate a Milestone in Memphis:

  • Endless beer.

    The beer menue at the Flying Saucer.

    What better way to celebrate than chillin’ with friends and a several pints of beer. 

  • Delicious BBQ from the Commissary. There’s no better way to celebrate a milestone than filling your belly full of delicious, southern BBQ! The Germantown Commissary gets packed quickly, so, better show up early to avoid the 2-hour wait.
  • Musées Intéressants. Sure, there are musées all over the world but there’s no cooler way to celebrate a milestone than visiting musées that aren’t quite the norm. Each ville, or city, has her own; the Belz Museum is one of Memphis’. Admiring what the Belz Museum has to offrir is a cool way to celebrate a milestone! 
  • Record a celebratory rock n’ roll session at the Sun Studio. …Or just take a tour. Either way, you’re sure to have a rock n’ roll of a time! 
  • Celebrate on Beale Street. …Speaking of having a “rock n’ roll of a time”, there’s really no better (and bigger) place to rock the night away than on Beale Street.

Memphis is a great place to celebrate a milestone: Invite your friends and famille and then just let it loose on Beale Street. As you take the party to the streets of Memphis, don’t forget to feed everyone, too (cue in The Commissary)!

There’s quite a bit to do and see in Memphis; however, before you go dancing into Graceland, don’t forget to check out these other really COOL things to do (such as the Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum and the Stax Museum of American Soul Music)! ♦

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine.


Chapitre 3: Dart, Toothpick Throwing in Memphis, TN

After singing, “these boots were made for walking…” at the top of our lungs, it was time to say, “au revoir,” to one of my BFFs. I decided to head to the hôtel to get some shut-eye because, after all, I had a “big,” touriste day ahead of me tomorrow.

It was a warm, sunny (ok partly-cloudy) après-midi. A parfait day for a leisurely, touriste stroll in Memphis.

During my promenade, I came across a giant…pyramid. “Am I in Memphis, TN or in Memphis, Egypte?” I chuckled to myself.

I was, indeed, in Memphis, TN, and there was, towering before me, a géant, steel pyramid. The Memphis Pyramid intrigued me! Memphis is known for Elvis, it’s rich histoire de musique, The Civil Rights Musée, BBQ…and the Memphis Pyramid…wait, What? That last one got me. It turns out, in 2007, the Memphis Pyramid was used as an arena for concerts and sporting events. Today (in 2016), the Pyramid now hosts a Bass Pro Shops Megastore including: Big Cypress Lodge (an hôtel), Ducks Unlimited Waterfowling Heritage Center, Beretta Fine Gun Center, Fish Aquarium and Alligator Feeding, a laser arcade, an archery range and pistol range, Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl & Grill (and bowling alley), and the Lookout (a 28-story freestanding elevator & glass observation deck).

After admiring the pyramid, my stomach sounded the alarm: It’s time to eat! A friend (and native to Memphis) introduced me to the art of dart toothpick throwing and Memphis style burger devouring at Huey’s. It was quite the experience!

5 Raisons to Get Some Grub at Huey’s in Memphis:

  • Dart Toothpick throwing.

Once you’ve devoured that gooey, greasy, delicious burger, you can enjoy the art of throwing the toothpick, which held that scrumptious sandwich together, on the ceiling.

  • Wall graffiti. After you’ve finished throwing your toothpick on the ceiling, you can write all about how you enjoyed the dining experience on the walls! …Or you can use the wall to exprime a love confession. It’s your choix.

  • Endless amounts of Blues and Rock ‘n Roll musique. There’s nothing better than enjoying a juicy burger with your favorite oldies hits!
  • Gooey, delicious burgers! The spécialité: burgers (duh!)! There’s 11 burgers to choose from: see Huey’s menu. Of course, they offer a variety of “heart healthy” plats, too, but let’s be honnête, the burgers are the best!

  • Live musique! There’s live musique every Sunday and karaoke every Monday! See the events calendar to find out who’s playing and at which location!

Memphis has a lot to offer, after all, some claim that Memphis is the rock ‘n roll capital of the U.S., but there’s one restaurant you can’t miss: Huey’s! If you’re looking for the ultimate burger experience, then Huey’s is the way to go! ♦

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine.